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Traffic-related air pollution

3.7 million people die each year due to air pollution. (World Health Organization, 2014)

3.7 million people die each year due to air pollution.

(World Health Organization, 2014)

Every year, the world’s cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles emit millions of tonnes of pollutants — pollutants that have been linked to cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, asthma and other respiratory problems. When you add up the costs of health care, lost productivity and premature death, traffic emissions cost countries billions of dollars each year.

Solution: An innovative sound barrier that removes air pollutants

SmogStop Barrier doesn’t just block noise. It also lets local residents breathe easier. Independent studies prove that SmogStop cuts traffic emissions in half, while breaking down the key pollutants that create regional smog. Made from translucent acrylic, SmogStop lets the sun shine through. And best of all, this beautifully designed technology involves no electricity and no moving parts. Instead, it’s powered entirely by sunlight and the natural flow of air.

Patented Technologies

Bottom-line benefits:
An investment that pays off

Reducing air pollution saves lives — and money

Based on figures from a 2016 economic analysis, a single kilometre of roadside SmogStop Barrier can create up to $10.4 million in benefits each year. And that’s just the savings created by reducing premature death. Add to that fewer doctor visits, fewer emergency room admissions and less income lost to sick days and you’ll earn back your investment in less than a year.

“If you create a city that’s good for an 8-year-old and good for an 80-year-old, you will create a successful city for everyone.” (8-80 Cities)

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Envision SQ is a research and development company that creates innovative air pollution control technologies to provide healthier environments for families and communities around the world. Envision SQ is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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