SmogStop Barrier reduces smog and noise, field study shows

Innovative technology developed by Canadian-based Envision SQ Inc. cuts vehicle-related air pollution in half while reducing noise along freeways, according to results of a field study conducted by the University of Guelph and Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO).

The Ministry partnered with Envision SQ Inc. and researchers at the University of Guelph for the study, which put the SmogStop Barrier to the test in real-world conditions along Highway 401, North America’s busiest highway.

Results of the study, which was finalized in September, showed SmogStop reduced concentrations of nitrogen oxides (NOX) including NO and NO2 — which are harmful products of burning gasoline and diesel fuel — by an overall average of 49 percent. During daytime hours, the barrier was observed to remove 13 kilograms of NOX per kilometre — the equivalent of taking 61,000 vehicles off that stretch of road every day.

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Envision SQ is a research and development company that creates innovative air pollution control technologies to provide healthier environments for families and communities around the world. Envision SQ is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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