The results are clear: SmogStop works

  • SmogStop’s aerodynamic design can reduce traffic emissions in downwind neighbourhoods by 58 per cent compared to a conventional noise barrier.

  • Our proprietary photocatalyst proved twice as effective as titanium dioxide at breaking down pollutants.

  • The combination of our aerodynamic design and photocatalytic coating can reduce NO and NO2 levels up to 37 per cent.

  • Over the course of a year, a single kilometre of SmogStop can remove 16 tonnes of NOX — the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off that stretch of road.


Over the course of its development, the SmogStop Barrier has undergone a variety of testing at universities across Ontario. The proof keeps stacking up: this groundbreaking technology measurably reduces traffic-related air pollution.

Computational fluid dynamics modelling

University of Guelph & University of Ontario Institute of Technology

To identify the most effective type of barrier for dispersing traffic pollution, we tested different aerodynamic concepts using computerized modelling.

Boundary wind tunnel testing

Western University & University of Guelph

Wind tunnel trials confirmed our chosen design enhances the vertical mixing and dispersion of pollutants.

Laboratory testing

University of Toronto & University of Guelph

Lab tests revealed that our proprietary photocatalytic coating is twice as effective at breaking down pollutants than titanium dioxide, the industry standard.

Not only that, the performance of titanium dioxide declines over time because this photocatalyst breaks down pollutants into solid materials that gradually build up on the surface. No such effect is observed with SmogStop, since our coating converts pollutants into harmless gases that dissipate into the atmosphere.

Full-scale climatic wind tunnel testing

University of Ontario Institute of Technology & University of Guelph

Wind-tunnel testing of the full-scale SmogStop Barrier measured how the combination of aerodynamic design and photocatalytic action reduces the levels of NOX

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Envision SQ is a research and development company that creates innovative air pollution control technologies to provide healthier environments for families and communities around the world. Envision SQ is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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