SmogStop: Photocatalyst for removing NOx and VOCs

Game-changing photocatalytic technology that outperforms the industry standard

Until recently, the only pollution-reduction coatings on the market were made with titanium dioxide. Now there’s a better alternative.

SmogStop is a proprietary photocatalytic coating that transforms nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless nitrogen gas and oxygen gas — the basic components of air. Meanwhile, it transforms volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into carbon dioxide and water.

Outdoors, the breathtakingly simple technology is powered by sunlight. Indoors, it’s remarkably energy efficient.

For cleaner air, it’s the clear choice.

3.6 times more effective than titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide suffers from several serious performance issues. Over time, it develops a scale that reduces its efficiency. Its performance drops dramatically in high humidity. It works only with UV light, which represents just four per cent of the sun’s energy.

And while it breaks down some pollutants, it can create others, including smog-producing ozone and soil-acidifying nitric acid.

SmogStop offers a better alternative. Unlike titanium dioxide, SmogStop works in both UV and visible spectrums, tapping into a much bigger source of energy. The only byproducts are harmless gases and water, so there’s no scale build-up. Plus, it continues working even when humidity levels soar.

As a result, Smog Stop is 3.6 times more effective than titanium dioxide in the short term and keeps working long after titanium dioxide stops.