Air pollution causes 7 million premature deaths each year

Nine out of ten people around the world breathe air that doesn’t meet the World Health Organization’s minimum health standards.

Outside, traffic exhaust and industrial emissions fill the air with nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other dangerous substances. Meanwhile, levels of certain pollutants can be even higher indoors, thanks to off-gassing from products like paint, carpets and building materials.

The consequences are serious: from lower productivity in the workplace and poor school performance to increased risk of respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia and other illnesses. According to the Lancet, air pollution is one of the great killers of our age.

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Powerful photocatalytic technology that removes air pollutants

EnvisionSQ’s proprietary SmogStop technology breaks down NOx and VOCs, transforming these pollutants into harmless gases and water. Unlike titanium dioxide, SmogStop works in all weathers, creates no toxic byproducts and keeps working at maximum efficiency year after year. And because we’ve minimized the need for mechanical and electrical components, SmogStop provides an affordable way to address air pollution.

A highway pollution barrier that creates cleaner air

SmogStop Barrier lets local residents breathe easier. Our world-leading technology cuts traffic emissions in half, while breaking down the key pollutants that create regional smog. Over the course of a year, a single kilometre of SmogStop Barrier can remove 16 tonnes of NOx — equivalent to taking 200,000 vehicles off that stretch of road every day.

It also blocks noise, while the translucent acrylic walls let the sun shine through. Best of all, this beautifully designed technology involves no electricity and no moving parts. Instead, it’s powered entirely by sunlight and natural flow of air.

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Creating healthier environments indoors and out


To purify the air inside buildings, you need more than a standard HVAC filter. To curb your plant emissions and create a healthier environment in the communities where you operate, you need an energy-efficient, cost-effective technology.

EnvisionSQ’s revolutionary new SmogStop Filter cuts NOx and VOC (including formaldehyde) levels up to 99 per cent. We’ve created a design that virtually eliminates airflow resistance, keeping your operating costs low. Installation is easy, and with the occasional cleaning, you can count on your SmogStop Filter to last for years.

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Save lives, and money

Cleaner air is a smart investment. According to a 2016 World Bank report, air pollution costs $5.11 trillion in premature deaths each year. And reducing pollution levels doesn’t just save lives. It also reduces doctor visits, emergency room admissions and absenteeism due to illness. According to a 2016 study looking at the City of Toronto, every tonne of NOx removed yields $650,000 in health benefits.

But the benefits don’t stop there. According to a recent Harvard study, removing VOCs from indoor air improves productivity, boosting cognitive performance scores by 61 per cent.

For government, industry, building owners and managers, the benefits of EnvisionSQ’s air pollution control products are clear.